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Learn how to design an education logo online. From free modern logo ideas to easy-to-download png and vector files in under 60 seconds!

When you need to design an education logo, whether that is for a department in the US or in a ministry in Malaysia, you have to start with brand positioning first. What are the other options that your customers or the people that you’re talking to you going for? Research your competitors, write down what their logos look like what types of fonts they are using, and what colors they have.

Also, write down what you’d like your education logo to communicate. You may start with a longer list of words but overall pick the most important aspect. This aspect you choose should be important to your customers, not necessarily to you. Are they having a great time when they choose your program? Will they be the smartest? Or, will they make friends for life?

Now translate—metaphorically—this aspect into your design. Making friends, for example, could be expressed by a rounded font. Being smart and authoritative comes across best when using a sans serif font (fonts with little feet often used by newspapers). However, it’s easy if you start by typing in your education logo name to see design ideas.

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