Dental Logo

Design a dental logo for your office or dental services using modern logo fonts.

Before starting the design process for a dental logo, get some inspiration by looking at well-known dental offices, labs, and services. Examples are Delta, AspenDental, Pacific, Patterson, BencoDental, United Concordia, and the startup Henry / Onsite Dental. Note that many dental logos consist of simple wordmarks (have no logo symbol), and some dental logos use abstract symbols. The green and blue color palettes are pretty popular.

As a next step, figure out the positioning of your business. Positioning is the way customers think about your services. Is your dental office especially friendly, do you take extraordinary care, or are focused on comfort? While you may put more than one of these characteristics on your brand list of how you’d like to be seen, a client or customer will always remember you for one trait in particular. (She’s the most warm-hearted dentist. Or, the practice looks and feels most modern).

Pick your most important trait and reflect it in your logo design. For example, a sans-serif feels more modern, and a serif font is more personal and a little bit more sophisticated. A blue color palette feels cleaner, an off-white color palette comes across as warmer and more comfortable. Start by typing in your dental office’s name below.

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