Dating Logo

Use this cool logo maker app to design a dating logo. From inspiration and beautiful ideas to icons and modern logo fonts.

From Bumble to Grindr, from Hinge to Facebook Dating, check out other dating logos, before designing your own. Note that some have a logo symbol like Bumble (an abstract beehive) or Grindr (a mask) and some are modern wordmarks, like Hinge, where the letters H and i are literally connected together to illustrate the idea of “dating.”

To get more design inspiration for your custom dating logo name, type in your brand name below. This will take you into the logo ideas section, which will show 100 logo designs with a variety of modern color palettes.

See if you prefer to use a logo symbol or a modern wordmark (text-based logo), pick a typeface design, and click the black Customize button of the logo design. This will take you into the logo maker where you can fine-tune your design. The coolest feature of this app is the mix-and-match alternative letter system. If you click on a letter of your dating logo in the large editing area, it will pull up a drop-down of other letter designs. If you like to use a different letter, just click it to swap.

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