Curved Text Logo

This curved text logo maker uses fonts with arched design elements and circle templates.

This short logo-making tutorial for a curved text logo walks you through how to design a modern text-based logo. One quick note before getting started: This online logo maker does not cover how to curve text. Instead, it features fonts and alternative letter designs that use curved or arched elements.

Step one is to type a word or your company name into the input field below this article and click “Next.” You will then get into the logo ideas generator that mostly shows company logos—scroll through them and pick a font closest to your idea of your text logo.

You can change the color palette and make many text modifications inside the logo maker app. To get into the app, click on one of the logo ideas, and you will now see your word or company name in the font you’ve selected in the big white logo editing area. To check out alternative letter designs that use curved text or some arched element within the actual letter, click on a letter you would like to change. A popup of other designs will show—to swap your old design with the new design, click on the new letter. Color customization and other font changes can be made by using the settings inside the grey toolbar.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo