Cleaning Logo

Create your own cleaning logo with a modern logo maker using cool logo fonts and fresh color palettes.

If you’re looking to design a cleaning logo you might be interested in the most common symbols first—such as clip art images of a house, a lady, a cartoon maid, or a window. However, professional designers start their design process with a brand strategy.

Brand strategy can be pretty simple: First, find your positioning—positioning is the way customers talk about you. It is not an abstract marketing term that takes a long time to figure out—it is simply what your customers say about your business when you’re not around. Define what’s most important to you (one trait only!) and align all of your business, branding, and design efforts to reflect this trait.

As for the logo part, type in your cleaning company name below. This will take you to the logo ideas generator which you can use for free. Select the design that reflects your brand positioning trait, click on it, and you will land inside the online logo maker app. You can also start with a template right below the logo ideas generator. Once you’re in the app, make adjustments to the font-weight or font spacing by using the sliders. A spaced-out font is airier, a tight font feels more structured. A pink color palette feels happy and light—however, check against your competition. To stand out and be memorable, pick a color that nobody uses.

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