Church Logo

Design a modern church logo that unites people and elevates your mission. Learn how to use a logo maker with cool logo fonts and creative color palettes—without any design skills.

The design of a church logo should be kept very simple—free of decorative elements and complex logo symbols. A modern church logo is the same as a classy church logo. It is set in an easy-to-read, accessible typeface. The logo colors should be high in contrast to include younger and older people and people with disabilities alike.

Modern-day design ideas are based on fonts, whether the logo is tailored to a catholic, presbyterian, baptist, Adventist, or methodist church. But to get free creative church logo ideas, type your logo name into the input bar below and scroll through various designs.

Before getting started, have in mind one word that you’d like to communicate with your church logo design. For example, the word could be: elevate, life, united, saints, youth, community, transformation, or grace. Pick a font style that reflects the word you’ve picked. If you have questions, click the red button in the bottom right corner—I’m here to help!

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