Children Logo

Learn how to design a children logo quickly. Professional logos don’t use common health symbols, instead, they are based on modern logo fonts.

The variety of children’s logos is pretty wide. However, whether you’d like to design a logo for a children’s hospital, administration, charity, or family-related center, the design process always includes the following steps.

First of all, look at your competition’s logos and websites. What colors are they using? What types of logos do they have? Do they use a serif font (with tails) or a sans-serif font? Do they use common logo symbols, for example, helping hands, abstract kids’ faces, light rays, or some version of a sky? Take notes on how you could visually differentiate your children logo.

Instead of getting to inspired by the competition’s logos, design professionals always start with brand strategy. What is the one character trait or business style that you’d like to be known for? Use this character trait to begin your design process. What type of font represents this characteristic? What color supports your positioning and differs from your competition’s color palette? Start by typing in your children’s logo name below to get logo ideas.

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