Charity Logo

Start your charity logo design with lots of modern logo ideas that are beyond helping hands and hearts. Create a design that stands out with minimal logo fonts and cool color palettes.

If you’re looking for how to design a charity logo or just some design ideas, I’ll quickly give you an overview on how to get started.

Whether the logo is for a foundation or a Gofundme campaign, most non-designers begin the logo creation process with the apparent design ideas: one hand or helping hands, abstract children, rainbows, or a heart.

For free logo ideas, type in your charity’s name below and scroll through the list of designs. Then, pick one that resonates most with your brand positioning (= the one word you’d like your donors to think when they engage with you). Finally, make adjustments in the logo maker app (designed for non-designers) and set yourself apart from other charities in your specific space. For example, pick a different color palette they have and make sure your logo symbol (the little image in front of the wordmark) looks very different than theirs. To be very modern, you can choose a wordmark without any symbol. You can download a png logo file at the end, and you’re all set!

Try our Charity Logo logo maker for free

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