Blue Logo

Design a blue logo with color palettes from red and white to neon with this modern logo maker—cool logo fonts and letter shapes.

This step-by-step logo tutorial will show you how to design a blue logo in light to neon blue, red, white, and other modern colors with this cool logo maker.

The first step is to type in your company or brand name below this article and click the Next button. This will bring you into the logo ideas generator featuring all sorts of modern color palettes—not all of them use blue as their primary color, but no worries, you can make adjustments in a second.

Select a font style you like in the second step and click the Customize button to get into the logo maker app. Then, in the color palettes section (grey sidebar), click through the ones that showcase blue tones. To modify each tone, select the field and use the color picker to navigate to a different tone. Below the logo editor, you will find the real-time brand kit showing how all the picked colors work together.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo