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Whether your blog is hosted on WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, or whether, you have a food, fashion, fitness, or travel blog, a professional designer always uses the same strategic process.

First off, check out your competitive landscape. What kind of logos are your competitors using? What kinds of fonts do they use? What color palettes are common, and which ones are not used at all? Next, pick your blog’s positioning. Positioning is the way customers talk about you when you’re not around. Are you the first to know? Do you share the most details? Are you the fastest explainer? Readers (or customers) will remember you for mainly one thing—pick that trait you’d want to be known for and have it be reflected in your design.

For inspiration and free blog logo ideas type in your blog name below. Select one of the design suggestions and you’ll be taken into the online logo maker app to customize your design. For a final logo in higher quality or as a vector, pick from the affordable pricing options.

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