Baby Logo

To create an iconic baby logo similar to popular brands like Roblox, Gerber, or Einstein, start with looking at lots of logo ideas.

When you want to design a logo for a baby brand, it’s crucial to start with a little brand strategy first. The customer has so many options to buy—start to unroll your distribution first. Where are you going to sell? Is it mostly on your website, via Instagram, or in brick-and-mortar stores? From there, lay out your competitive landscape—what other options will the customer see next to your product? What word comes to a customer’s mind when they look at every one of your competitors?

Now pick a trait you’d like to own—what word should the customer think when they look at your baby brand? Is it sweet, fantasy, grown-up, or custom? Next, transfer the trait into your logo design by picking a font that reflects it. For example, “Sweet” could be an all-lowercase logo in a rounded font. Or, if you have a name with the letter i, you could swap the i-dot with another option.

To get lots of inspiration for a baby logo that looks modern, type in your brand name below.

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