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Design your own company logo for your auto parts or repair shop and get inspired by modern logo design ideas for free.

Before getting started with your automotive logo design do some research and see what kinds of logos your competitors use. Competitors are the companies that are local to your area or are simply another option for the same customers that you have. Whether your logo should be for a repair shop or some automotive manufacturer-related field, industrial parts, or detailing, the design process for logo creation is always similar.

As the next step, define how you want to be known amongst your customers. Does your shop offer faster service? Are you extremely detailed with your work? Is your shop family-oriented and really personal when it comes to dealing with you?

You might offer more than one of these traits or a completely different one but it is important for the logo design to pick only the one, most important thing that you want to be known for. Next, transfer that idea into your design. For example, if your shop should be known for being personal, use a friendly font that’s rounded or a serif font (one that has little feet). Serif fonts are not as approachable but they also mean your shop is “detail-oriented” or “decorative.” Type in your company name below to get started with inspiration for an automotive logo.

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