Art Logo

Design a minimal art logo for your business, museum, or gallery with modern logo fonts and color palettes. No design app knowledge is needed.

Whether you are looking for logo art for a gallery, a museum, a band, a sports team, or a business, the art of logo making has always been fascinating to people. If you’re looking to design a logo that looks hand-drawn, it’s best to simply start sketching a few ideas and then, transferring them into a vector program, such as Adobe Illustrator.

However, if you’re a startup or nonprofit looking for a minimal logo design that looks modern and is practical for all typical logo applications, such as business cards or a website banner, start by typing in your company name below.

This will take you into the logo maker app, where you can make design adjustments, like selecting a new typeface, changing the weight of the font, and setting a color palette. When you’re ready, download a vector or PNG file of your art logo.

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