Apparel Logo

Design and apparel logo with modern logo fonts and cool color presets. Download a vector file or hi-res PNG to upload to a clothing printer or embroiderer.

If you’re looking to design a custom apparel logo with modern logo fonts, you’ve landed on the right page. To get logo design ideas, simply type your brand name into the input field below and click the next button. This will take you to the logo ideas page where you can scroll through hundreds of logo ideas including modern color palettes.

The logo maker is mostly used for business or corporate logos, but check out the logo fonts inside the logo maker app itself. While wordmarks are the most modern, you can also add a logo symbol.

Once you’ve selected a design direction, click on the design and you’ll get into the app. In the sidebar, use the sliders for font-weight and letter spacing to customize the look of your logo. Lastly, select one of the color presets or pick your own colors with the color picker before downloading a high-res PNG or vector logo file that you can upload to a clothing printer or embroiderer.

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