Animal Logo

Professional logo design starts with your customer—from logo ideas to png file for your animal logo in under one minute! Modern and pro.

Modern logo design usually comes with no obvious logo symbol, like an animal for a rescue shelter or a house for a real estate broker. Instead, professional logo design starts with your customer—what’s the one word you want your customer to think of your company? For example, is it “friends” or “control” or “light”?

How can that word be transferred into a logo? Is the font literally light? Is it in all caps to be in control, or is it a rounded font to make it friendly? Maybe the color of the animal can be used in the brand color palette? Does the animal clinic focus on horses—could the colors be brown? Is the foundation fighting for animal rights against cruelty? What’s the color of violation?

Check out the logo maker app and find a typeface and color palette that represent your brand positioning. For questions, send me a message via the red bottom button below.

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