Airline Logo

Check out the best airline logos—from American to Virgin. What types of logos do they use? Are they red, yellow, or green?

Popular airline logos are the following logos: Delta with a red triangle logo symbol, Singapore Airlines using a yellow bird after the wordmark, United showing a globe in a blue square, Spirit being simply a wordmark, and Lufthansa’s logo shows a big bird in a circle. Other airlines, such as British Airways, AirFrance, and American Airlines use an abstract wing-like shape as their logo symbols.

If you’re looking to design a logo, whether it’s for an airline or any other brand, it’s important to start with brand positioning first. What would you like customers to say when they talk about your brand?

Then, see how you can add the brand positioning to your design in an abstract way. Can a character trait be expressed with the sans or sans serif font? A specific color palette? It’s easiest if you start with logo inspiration by typing in the company name below.

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