Accounting Logo

Free accounting logo ideas that showcase services and software products. Design your department or company logo the modern way without any design skills.

If you’re looking to create a logo to describe your accounting services in a modern way start by looking at your competitor’s logos. Are they all in the same color? Do they all use a similar font? Is it a serif or sans serif font? Take notes so you have a good overall idea of your competitive landscape.

As a next step, go to our logo ideas creator to get free design inspiration. Type in your company name and click the next button. Once you are in the logo maker app try different font styles and font weights. Make sure your logo looks like it's part of the accounting logo industry, it needs to look professional, but also, make sure your logo looks different than your competitors. Modern logos don’t show obvious logo symbols, like a bench or a seed.

The easiest way to figure out what your logo should communicate is to create a word in your mind that should come to your clients' minds when they see your brand. For example, should they think the word “helpful” or should they think “fast?” Translate this word into your design.

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