Abstract Logo

Design an abstract logo made from a letter shape or abstract symbol using this modern logo maker app.

I’ll show you a quick way to design an abstract logo with this cool logo maker app that uses modern letter designs and custom abstract logo symbols.

Meaning: Abstract logo design can be split into three ways. First, you can have a design that is abstract in shape and based on a letter of the alphabet. Popular letters to turn into abstract logos are the letters T, B, K, R, and V. The second way to think about an abstract logo is by turning a realistic image into a symbol, also called iconography. This method is done by simplifying the realistic object and converting it into more basic smaller shapes, often consisting of triangles, squares, and circles. Examples of this logo style are a sun, crown, leaf, house, butterfly, fish, rose, or eye. Finally, the third style of abstract logos is based on iconography that is already abstract—arrows are a typical example.

If you’re looking to create your own abstract logo for a company or even a t-shirt, start by typing in your brand name below. When you click the Next button, you will get into the logo ideas generator to create design examples. From there, select a baseline design that uses an abstract shape that you like and click customize to modify the shape further.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo