Designing a wordmark vs. a logo with symbol

Last updated: September 22, 2022

How-to Video

Video Transcript

Hi guys. I wanna show you quickly how to design a word mark, versus a logo with a symbol. So those are you, you know, your two options here in Mojomox.

Right now you're looking at a logo with a symbol. This text portion here is considered a word mark and the symbol in front is a logo symbol.

Sometimes it's called an icon or, you know, there's plenty of words for that. So first of all, let's oops, type in your name, it automatically shows up with a logo symbol.

You can turn that off by clicking no symbol under logo symbol. And then the cool thing about Mojomox is that you one have fonts here that you can try out.

And if you click a letter, you will have some alternative letters show up here. So this is how you make your word mark really unique and have it stand out.

That's it.

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