Setting custom logo symbol or avatar instead of using default

Last updated: September 22, 2022

How-to Video

Video Transcript

Hi guys, in this quick tutorial, I wanna show you how to set a custom symbol for your brand kit in Mojomox. So if you have a logo symbol, meaning in icon in front of your word, mark you can scroll down to the avatar section right here.

You will see that automatically by default, it'll take your logo symbol. Let's say you're not having a logo symbol, a no logo symbol.

You scroll down to the avatar. It just takes the first letter. So you can, you know, as you know, you can swap out your letters and make cool stuff.

It'll automatically change your avatar or logo symbol to what you've, you know, swapped your first letter out with. However, in case you do not wanna have the first letter as your avatar or, you know, profile image or whatever you can also, let's say you have something that's cool looking like this.

And you think that this letter is a lot more representative of your brand as its main avatar or functioning logo symbol.

That is when you would, you know, use the Y or whatever, some other other letter in between your company name as the avatar.

So all I need to do is click on it, scroll down here and then set as a logo symbol. And then now you will see if you scroll down, it's the letter Y that is being used.

If you want to change that back, I need to do is you know, go in here and reset, and then there go back to normal.

All right, bye.

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