Band Logo

Design a minimal band logo with a logo generator tool that uses fonts and cool color palettes. No design software skills needed.

If you’re looking to design a cool band logo, like the band Hole or Nirvana, you might get to the most creative solution by sketching out your ideas and then using a vector program to turn your sketch into a scalable logo file.

However, if you're looking to design a logo that looks more like the logo of Dave Matthews Band or Chicago or Queen—made with a cool typeface, try out our easy-to-use logo maker by typing in your band name below.

First, you will see lots of different logo ideas in different color palettes. Scroll through them, select a baseline design, and you will get into the logo maker app. In the right sidebar when on a desktop computer or below the logo editor on the phone, you can make further design adjustments. For example, use the font-weight slider to make your logo bolder or thinner.

Try our Band Logo logo maker for free

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo