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For a modern technology logo, try what we think is the best logo maker. All designs are typography-based and can be adjusted easily.

If you want to design a modern technology logo for a company, try what we think is the best logo maker. This app is modern because all logo designs are based on typography using customizable letters.

The first step is to type your technology company name into the input field below. You will then get into the logo ideas generator. From there, scroll through the variety of design solutions, and see if you prefer having a logo symbol or a modern wordmark (text portion of a logo) alone.

The color palette and typographic settings can be adjusted in the next step. Pick a design baseline and click on “Customize.” In the sidebar of the logo maker app, you can make further design refinements. For example, use the letter spacing slider to tighten or widen your logo. The font-weight slider makes your mark bolder or thinner. Use one of the color presets and finetune with the color picker from there. I’m here to help—use the red “Questions” button in the bottom corner if you have questions.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo