Lettermark logo maker with cool fonts

Last updated: Nov 8, 2022

well-known lettermark logos
Examples of well-known lettermark logos.

Well-known brands that use their company name’s first letter as their logo: Facebook has collapsed their wordmark into a lowercase f. Nespresso’s lettermark logo is used on social media while the full wordmark is shown on the company website. One of Adidas’ logos is a mountain of three stripes and also representing the letter A. McDonald’s famous golden arches represent the letter M. Pinterest’s logo symbol is a P turned into a pin.

Lettermark Logo with symbol
The anatomy of a combined logo: a logo symbol or a lettermark and a wordmark. The symbol in the example above shows the letter S made from four quarter circles.

What is a Lettermark Logo?

A Lettermark Logo is a logo symbol that is often made from shapes that when assembled make up the first letter of a company’s name. In its simplest form, however, a lettermark logo can also be a letter designed using a specific typeface—minimalistic or ornamental.

With a new wave of minimalism as a lifestyle and design trend in 2014, lettermark logos have become more popular in recent years. While the architecture, design, fashion and beauty industries are known for using wordmark logos and monograms, companies with a focus on digital now often opt in for a simple wordmark with a lettermark logo version too.

A reason for that is that in the early days, finding product-market fit is the most important thing to focus on as a startup founder. A new brand needs to commu­nicate professionalism—which is what often gets lost when startups try to create complex branding on their own. Many startup founders embrace what we call “black dress” design: You’re not trying to create revolutionary brand design, you’re aiming for something simple and timeless that allows a company to pivot. A wordmark with or without additional lettermark provides more flexibility for a brand to develop.

Lettermark Logo making in 3 steps
How to make custom lettermark logos in three steps: 1. Analyze your market and find your positioning, 2. Aim for a simple design in our text editor for logos and 3. Test your lettermark in various marketing assets.

Step 1. – Type and Select: On this page, scroll almost all the way to the top and type in your company name or just the letter that should appear on your lettermark logo. From the logo previews that will show up once you type a word, select one logo that feels closest related to your brand. This logo will be the baseline for your design.

Step 2. – Edit Design: To edit, click on one of the lettermark logo designs for it to open up within the Mojomox logo maker app (text editor logo) page. Next to the main editing workspace, you can change the following design settings for letter logo symbols: weight, length, morph, scale, rotate, and positioning. The settings are meant to be played around with until the design fits your concept.

If you’re creating a wordmark alongside a Lettermark Logo, you can also mix and match letters from other available fonts of the same family by clicking on a letter in the main workspace. Additionally, also in the right-hand sidebar, scroll down to Colors and pick from the presets or select your own.

Step 3. – Download Lettermark Logo: At the bottom of the logo maker app page, your logo gets updated as you design. You’ll find the logo in all three colors you’ve selected in your color palette. From there, you can save your logo as an image file in a png format on a transparent background.

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo

various font weights
In our logo maker app, go to the text editor page to create a custom lettermark logo using unique fonts and considering various font weights.
different letter shapes meaning for logos
Consider the different meanings that different letter shapes have in logos.
mix and match letters for custom lettermark logos
Mix and match letters in order to add meaning to your logo and to make it unique.

The Role of Brand Strategy When Creating a Lettermark Logo

Creating a logo design that stands out in a specific market segment is based on one thing that big brands build on but startups don’t talk about enough: Successful logos, may they be lettermark logos, wordmarks, or logos with another type of symbol, are rooted in brand strategy—the way you’d like to position a brand.

Brand positioning is usually a longer process that takes competitors into account but a quick way to include brand positioning into your design is the following one:

1. Settle on one word that you’d want your customers to think when they think of your brand (this is also known as “positioning”). And

2. Transfer that one word metaphorically into your design—that’ll give your logo shape and color choice meaning.

think strategy, design, test
Think strategically, design minimally, and test & pivot.

Lettermark Logo Generator: Big Picture & Recap

1. Think strategically: What’s your one-word-positioning? If the word were a word, what shape does that word have? Is the shape round—like community, holistic, or a cycle? Is it a square—like a container, a platform or a building block? Or is it a triangle—like an exchange, a pyramid or a sharp mind? What font reflects your concept best?

2. Design minimally: Within the lettermark logo maker, you’ll find settings to adjust your design. Use every design setting meaningfully. When combining your lettermark with a wordmark, take the following settings into consideration too: Uppercase spelling gives authority and strength, lowercase spelling adds a casual feel, a thinner style feels more refined, a thicker weight is bolder and younger, tighter spacing between letters will make a logo feel more compact and united, and spaced-out letters will add lightness to the lettermark logo design.

3. Test in your environment: Generate multiple versions of your lettermark logo. Create versions with different font weights and letter spacing and test them all on your website. See what each of the logos looks like on a desktop computer, a mobile phone, and other applications you already have or know you’ll have in the future.

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo