Exclusive: “Loco” similar to Cocomelon font (free + paid download)

Cocomelon style font

1. Loco: logo font with highlights

Loco rounded bubble font
The Cocomelon logo font is a custom typeface designed for the Cocomelon brand. The Loco font is very similar in style. It’s a fun bubble font based on the Cocomelon logo. Shown here is the SemiBold weight style which is closest to the kids show design.

Loco is a typeface perfect for playful branding, fun lines on t-shirts, and even titles on cakes. The font is part of the bubble font family. It has rounded stems with highlights for an exaggerated 3d effect. The thinner weights of this font have an inky quality; the bolder styles feel more balloony.

Bubble fonts are considered fun and family fonts. People perceive them as personal even though they usually don’t have a handwritten style to them.

Design variety with stylistic sets & alternative letter designs

Loco font download
“Loco Display” and alternative letter designs
Skay, free font weight
Stylistic sets and ligatures

Loco comes with stylistic sets and alternative letter designs that can be swapped using a design app. Some alternative letters are tilted to the left, others are tilted to the right, some letters are filled in, and others have no stem extension for an even rounder feel.

Ligatures and tilted letters give a title more of a custom design because they don’t look the same. That is especially useful when you have a pair of the same letter, for example, in the word “balloon.” If you swap the second letter l and the second letter o with an alternative letter design, your title will look more fun and professional.

Loco: font preview and free font

Skay, free font weight
Loco font comes in 9 font weights

The Loco font comes in 9 weight styles: The Medium style, 500 in font-weight, comes for free (only in January!) for personal and commercial use. Download here.

Design background

Loco font: Cocomelon-style type

The Cocomelon font is a custom logotype designed for the Cocomelon brand. The Loco font featured here is also a bubble font and is similar in style. However, it comes in more weight options than just the Cocomelon style, which is close to Loco’s SemiBold (600).

2. Goji: rounded font for headlines

Goji rounded font Cocomelon
Goji Medium stylistic sets
Goji Medium font weight
Goji is a geometric rounded font. Its Medium font weight style is similar to the Cocomelon logo font.

Goji comes in 9 font weights, from Thin to Extrabold. The thinner font weights have an ink feel to them, whereas the bolder weights remind people of bubble font families.

This typeface has alternative letter designs with shortened stems for some letters, for example, b, d, n, p, and q. These letters are also called stylistic sets that can be activated in professional graphic design programs. In the Cocomelon font, the lowercase letter n also has a missing stem extension.

3. Vole: rounded counters font

Vole Semibold font weight similar Cocomelon
Vole font all weights
Vole is a geometric typeface with rounded counters. Its Semibold weight has a similar feel to the Cocomelon font.

Rounded counters are a design feature seen not too often in typeface design. Ink fonts often use overly rounded counters to simulate the ink bleeding into the open spaces.

The Cocomelon letter m is similar in style. The inner openings are shortened because the shoulders of the letter run down more than in other typefaces.

How to install and activate fonts

Install the font on a Mac

To install a font on a Mac, open the “Font Book” application and drag and drop the OTF file into the window. You’ll see it now filed with the other fonts you have installed. You can activate and deactivate fonts.

Install the font on a PC

To install a font on a PC, right-click the font file and select “Install” from the menu. Click Yes if asked if you trust the source of the font.

Use in design programs such as Cricut

If you’re using Cricut and other design software on a computer and not a mobile device, install the Loco font on your computer (see two options above for Mac or PC). Then, you can access the font via the Cricut font menu automatically. If you want to use the font on Cricut via an iPhone or iPad, download a font app (search for font app in the app store) first.

How to use the font in Word

Once you have installed the font (see step above), select it from the drop-down menu “Fonts” in your application, for example, Word.

How to use the font in Canva or other online programs

Click Brand on the homepage side panel. Then, click the Brand Kit tab, and under Brand Fonts, click Upload a font. Select the file from your computer and click Open. Wait until the upload has finished.

Font download

  • Font Weight
  • Thin
    bubble font cocomelon loco 100 thin
  • ExtraLight
    bubble font cocomelon loco 200 extralight
  • Light
    bubble font cocomelon loco 300
  • Regular
    bubble font cocomelon loco 400
  • Medium
    bubble font cocomelon loco 500
  • SemiBold
    bubble font cocomelon loco 600
  • Bold
    bubble font cocomelon loco 700
  • ExtraBold
    bubble font cocomelon loco 800
  • Black
    bubble font cocomelon loco 900

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